What Makes a Great Personal Language Tutor? Questions, Questions…

But not THESE sorts of (personal) questions!

“Just as a matter of interest; what size are you in pantaloons, madam?”
“How much money have you got in the Nat West, sir; if you don’t mind me asking?”
“While we’re talking about the future tense; do you plan to marry and have children at some point, young lady?”
“Do you ever treat your wife to breakfast in bed, sir; if it’s not too invasive a question?”

Good grief? Do personal language tutors really ask such things?

Well, Appointments Bi-Language personal tutors certainly don’t; but from time-to-time we hear stories on the ‘bilingual and multilingual recruitment grapevine’ about personal tutors elsewhere going, well, much too far when ‘coaching’ clients (business people who are keen to master a second language from a personal language tutor, so that they can: do business with the Japanese; strike lucrative deals with the Russians; go into partnership with a Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese firm who sell the same types of products as them, but naturally have invaluable local knowledge…).

To do all that you need to learn the specific language you require from an Appointments Bi-Language personal language tutor; one who is:

  • Trained and qualified
  • Experienced
  • Fully referenced
  • Highly professional
  • 100 per cent focused on the job
  • The right match for you and your particular project (maybe you require individual language tuition to high level individuals looking to improve their language skills, or perhaps you want a language tutor to teach a small business group… whatever your needs, Appointments Bi-Language will have the language tutor you seek!)

Providing Professional Language Tutors of the Highest Calibre

Japanese, French, Korean, Swedish, Arabic, Italian… what kind of language teacher or personal tutor are you looking for?

On our books at Appointments Bi-Language we have numerous experienced language tutors capable of teaching languages from beginner up to expert level. With over 300 languages being covered, we are sure to have the language tutor you require – a language tutor who keeps their mind fully focused on the job, and their personal questions to themselves!

E-mail address for Candidates – info@appointmentsbilanguage.co.uk
E-mail address for Clients – james@appointmentsbilanguage.co.uk