What GPTs mean for white collar workers today

Driven by the emergence of generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs), the world of the white-collar worker is evolving at a dizzying rate.


Please read on to discover what high-level executives from several global companies said on the subject in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).


– The panel of business leaders interviewed by the WSJ agreed that the biggest workplace challenge so far this year is adapting to the rapidly changing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and GPTs. Their ability to perform repetitive, monotonous tasks is increasingly being accepted across all industries. Workers should embrace the opportunity to focus on more enjoyable and stimulating elements of their job which make use of their uniquely human talents, e.g., critical thinking, creativity, and interpersonal skills.

– The general consensus seems to be that workers should experiment with GPTs behind the scenes – exercising discernment and critical thinking – without risking any potential negative impact on customers.

– Panel members warn against allowing AI to run on autopilot as a replacement for people. As GPTs have no emotions and are incapable of empathy, they can’t help address the emotional part of the company/customer interaction. Complex, customer-facing aspects of jobs still require the human touch. That said, GPTs can be used to prompt suggestions – based on previous behaviour – such as where a customer might like to sit on a plane or which wine should be paired with their meal choice.

– Job descriptions referencing GPTs are becoming more and more commonplace. Professionals that embrace technology developments will thrive in the new business world order.


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