Train, retrain and upskill for free! 

Looking to gain new skills or brush up on existing ones? In a rapidly evolving job market, ongoing learning is a vital part of career progression. In recognition of this, the government is offering almost 400 work-related courses to British adults for free.

Addressing existing and expected future skills gaps, the subjects offered include accounting and finance, business management, environmental conservation and public services. Check out the list of options and see if you’re eligible to benefit here.

The courses are part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee programme, which aims to enable adults of all budgets to acquire valuable, in-demand work skills. By removing the cost barriers, an estimated 11 million British adults can now benefit from the programme. And the results? Participants will be able to dramatically boost their career prospects and secure great jobs.

The Lifetime Skills Guarantee programme also runs Skills Bootcamps around the country. These are free, flexible courses that focus on the development of specific, in-demand skills. On completion, students are guaranteed an interview with a local employer. For a list of courses on offer and their locations, please click here.

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