Top TV series to binge online

Days spent indoors, away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. We’ve all dreamed of the day when we could guilt-free lay in bed and just watch hours of tv or online.

Now the time has come for us all to do our part in stopping the coronavirus from spreading. We can do this by staying at home, putting on some comfortable clothes and watching tv…all day… fine not all day, but once our workday is finished, the only thing waiting for most of us is a nice date night with your tv or viewing device.

To help ease this monumental task that awaits you, we thought we’d do some tv/movie admin and put together a shortlist of tv series’ we think you should be binging on.

  1. Black mirror

Hear us out with this one. Yes it’s sci-fi and we know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but actually, this is a fantastic series to get into. It’s twisted, based on the ‘high-tech’ near-future where the greatest innovations influence dark instincts. It allows us to look at our world from different perspectives, maybe even through funky tech glasses, which leaves us with some food for though at the same time.

  1. The Windsors

Whether you’re a fan of the royal family or not, you will enjoy this series. Now is the time to get a start on it because after a semi-brief hiatus, they are back for their third series, and we are, so excited!!! It’s got a lot of cheap laughs and seemingly familiar storylines.

  1. 100 Humans – Life’s questions, answered

Though we celebrate a good series watching session as a way of treating yourself, we do think you should watch a mixture of funny, entertaining and educational films/tv shows. The best part about this series is the fact that it’s all of that combined in one. A newcomer on our list but certainly worth the watch. It’s a series made up of social experiments where very different people from a range of backgrounds, experiences and interests explore the different aspects of being a human.


  1. Impractical Jokers

We’re a sucker for any storyline where childhood friends chase their dream together and become successful together, no-one left behind. Whilst that story is not the premise for this show, the programme hosts are four comedians and real-life childhood best friends. They pull hilarious pranks and perform outrageous dares, guaranteed to make you L.O.L.

There we have our favourite tv series’ that we freely binge on. All relatively light-hearted and not too serious (except Black Mirror) because we could all do with some guilt-free laughs now and again.

Give our suggestions a try and let us know how you get on, we’re sat here hoping you share a similar sense of humour with us.

Happy watching!


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