Top tips for organising a killer hybrid Christmas party

Most companies are aiming for an in-person Christmas party this year but two factors are conspiring to cause them a big headache. Firstly, slashed HR budgets can necessitate striped-back versions of their yuletide celebrations, and that’s when there’s enough money in the pot for any celebration at all. Secondly, the rise of remote workers means that it’s increasingly difficult to get full teams together in anything other than a virtual environment.


So what can HR do to help keep the festive spirit alive and the season jolly? Depending on budget, a hybrid event could be the only viable option, in which case it’s time to get planning.


For tips on how to plan a hybrid event that knocks your employees’ Christmas socks off, please read a helpful article published by or skip to our summary of the highlights below.


  1. While many venues have Wi-Fi installed, this kind of connection doesn’t deliver optimal results for hybrid events. A hardwired network connection is a much more reliable option. If the venue you have your heart set on doesn’t have one, give them as much notice as possible that their internal network provider will need to set one up. They’ll need to allow plenty of time for testing before your event too.


If tight budgets necessitate using your office space for at least part of your Christmas party, be sure to speak to your office management company on this point early in the planning process. The success of your event might just depend on it.


  1. Take into account the additional space required for equipment and staff to stream your event. Consider carefully the location of your cameras as they will determine the experience of your online delegates. Ensure that the viewing angle of the cameras won’t be blocked by passing guests or thoughtless seating arrangements. Check your online guests are also able to hear the guest speakers.
  2. Allocate time for testing and rehearsals. Not all presenters are experienced with talking to the camera or interacting with a virtual audience. Extensive testing can also flag up potential technical issues to be resolved well in advance of the Big Day.
  3. In the case of large companies, consider staggering registration times to avoid excessive queuing and issues with digital registration. Ensure your venue choice allows for social distancing in the registration area and uses barriers to help keep guests flowing smoothly.
  4. If you don’t have experience planning a hybrid event, you may wish to consider bringing on board an event production partner. Should you decide to go this route, ensure that the partner you select has the necessary expertise, experience and equipment to deliver. Ask for (and check) their references. Ensure that you’re on the same page in terms of the delivery plan and actions that should be taken in the event of a problem.

We hope the above tips are useful. If you’d like to explore the challenges presented by hybrid events in terms of mingling and chatting, please see an interesting article published by Turning the spotlight on the value of ‘chat rooms,’ Q&As, quizzes and surveys, this article is a valuable resource on the matter.

However you choose to bring the magic of Christmas to your workplace this year, ABL Recruitment, your trusted recruitment partner, wishes you every success and happiness over the festive period and beyond. Please get in touch if you’d like some help with the recruitment element of your challenge, or even just to say hello. We’d love to hear from you!