Top 10 must-read HR books for 2023

Many must-read HR classics are doubtless on your expert radar already. But in case you have missed some of the industry’s top picks from more recent times, we invite you to review’s list of recommended readings below. Here’s the first half of that list, to whet your appetite: 


  1. The Essential HR Handbook by Sharon Armstrong and Barbara Mitchell. Now in its tenth edition and covering almost every HR topic imaginable, this tome is widely considered the HR industry’s go-to manual of choice.
  2. Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead by Laszlo Bock. This book features valuable lessons on how to balance company creativity with structure, and how to build a better company. It also addresses the vital matter of the future of HR.
  3. Unleashing the Power of Diversity by Bjorn Z. Ekelund. This book explores how to improve communication between people from various cultural experiences, break down barriers to cohesion and trust, and make diversity both viable and sustainable.
  4. Rituals for Work: 50 Ways to Create Engagement, Shared Purpose, and a Culture that Can Adapt to Change by Kursat Ozenc and Margaret Hagan. This book examines how rituals can benefit the workplace, creating meaning and connecting people. It also explores the role of HR goals in strengthening teams, helping them to achieve company goals, and creating a cohesive company culture.
  5. People Processes: How Your People Can Be Your Organization’s Competitive Advantage by Rhamy Alejeal. This book offers HR professionals an education in the incredible power of HR software, designed to boost effectiveness and save swathes of time.

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