Tips on how to celebrate World Menopause Day at the office

World Menopause Day, which takes place on the 18th of October, is almost upon us. This is the perfect time to raise awareness of the issues and promote your supporting initiatives and programmes. We hope that the list of ideas below will be helpful in way of preparation.


1. Share official resources from The International Menopause Society – including white papers, leaflets, posters, toolkits and reports – with staff. Promote the availability and location of these useful resources via email, in your company newsletter and on your intranet. Put up posters in communal areas.


2. Share useful guides on how to support menopausal women at work with line managers. Both the CIPD and the NHS offer guides full of easy-to-digest, practical tips.


3. Offer training to enable managers to discuss the matter knowledgeably, sensitively and confidently. You can outsource this to menopause training specialists or design your own training programme.


4. Create an informal support group giving your employees a safe space where they can discuss their experiences and offer peer support.

However you decide to celebrate World Menopause Day this year, ABL wishes you all the best in creating an understanding and supportive work environment in which all employees can continue to thrive! Happy World Menopause Day on October 18th!