The dream job – what’s it all about anyway?!

We all talk about our dream job and, apparently, one in three workers feel they’re already working in their dream job. But with so many different views on what constitutes a role worthy of this mighty title, we thought it would be interesting to review the common denominators.


According to a recent poll published by LinkedIn , there’s consensus among workers on a few core components of the dream job, as follows:


– a 21-30 hour working week

– a salary of £44,355 per year

– 29 days annual holiday per year

– a commute of between 16 and 20 minutes

– a supportive boss


The survey found that regular pay rises, a tidy work environment and casual office wear are important contributing factors too.


Interesting food for thought? Do the findings of the poll match your own job wish list? Please get in touch to let us know, and let’s work together to serve up exactly what your professional heart desires. ABL, your trusted recruitment partner, is here to help you identify your dream job and nail that interview. Reach out so we can brainstorm the options!