Six tips and tricks to find out how much your co-workers are earning

Ever wondered how much your colleagues are making? If the answer is yes but you feel awkward about asking them directly. Read on to discover six tips and tricks on how to conduct your under-the-radar detective work.


  1. Check the job opportunities on your company’s website. Research what comparable and lower-level roles are paying. If less experienced candidates are being paid a lot more than you, you know that something is wrong. It’s time to book a meeting with HR.


  1. Ask HR how salary ranges for entry-level jobs in your field compare to when you first started, and how much more you can expect to earn as you become more experienced and get promoted. This will give you a sense of what is reasonable to expect in your current position and understand if there’s a disparity with your current earnings.


  1. Check LinkedIn Salary to gain a realistic insight into your earning potential by location and sector.


  1. Befriend recruitment experts with strong connections in your field. They are great sources of information about salary norms and other recruitment-related matters. Make contact, nurture the relationship, and refer friends as appropriate. This connection may well prove to be the source of your next dream job, so invest time and thought into relationship building.



  1. If your company’s revenue has taken off but your pocket has received neither a salary rise nor a bonus, the chances are that you’re in the minority. Research the facts and use them to strengthen your case.


  1. You might feel comfortable raising this delicate matter with some colleagues but not with others. Follow your gut and tread carefully to avoid looking unprofessional or moany. Be prepared to share your own salary figure in exchange.


And that’s it! By employing the above tips and tricks, you should be able to sleuth out the salaries of your co-workers. Be discreet and proceed with caution when sharing your findings with HR. Be humble rather than confrontational – some of your findings will be based on guesswork so it’s easy to get things wrong.


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