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6 Month Contract Recruitment

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for one or a full team worth of temporary staff, we can help you. We have been working as a leading force in the temporary multilingual recruitment sector since we first started as a business back in 1991. For over 30 years we have maintained our position and built a large database of work-ready candidates with the multilingual skills you need.

As short-term contract work is very popular right now, we can offer bilingual 6-month contract recruitment, to help you finish a specific task or project or to cover pregnancy leave or extended sickness absences.

We insist that our candidate database is kept well informed with the latest developments in the industry by encouraging and helping them to attend regular events focused on candidates up and down the country and even overseas too.

Just because you are looking for a 6-month temporary bilingual employee, it doesn’t mean you should be short-changed with just any candidate. We use the same process to source the temporary staff we place with our clients that we use to source permanent individuals. They all must go through the same competency interviews and have their fluency in both the written and verbal forms of the languages they are experienced in tested.

We are meticulous with the process of providing our clients with the very best candidates for their available, temporary roles that around 30% of all temp staff are taken on in permanent roles by those clients.

The range of the temporary positions we have experience supplying individuals for is extensive, including business development, sales, account management and customer service roles.

So, if you are looking for 6-month contract recruitment of suitably experienced and skilled bilingual team members for your company, please contact us right away today and we will help you!

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