One of five UK employees expects to change jobs this year

According to a recent BBC article, one in five employees expects to change jobs this year to achieve better pay and job satisfaction. The article, based on a survey of more than 2,000 UK workers from a range of industries, highlights a number of other worrying statistics, including:


Younger and highly skilled workers were most likely to be unhappy in their jobs or seeking a raise.


60% said they would prefer to work fully or mostly from home.


18% said they were “very or extremely likely” to switch to a new employer within the next 12 months.


32% also said they were moderately or slightly likely to switch and 16% were planning to leave the workforce temporarily or permanently.


A pay increase was the main motivator for changing jobs (72%), followed by wanting a more fulfilling job (68%) and to ‘truly be themselves at work’ (63%).


Overall, Gen Z (those aged 24 and under) and Millennial workers (25 to 40-year-olds) were most likely to be seeking new jobs, raises or promotions.


People in management positions were found to be more content with their current jobs than those in non-management roles.


Demand for better pay was highest in sectors such as technology and lowest in the public sector.


In view of these findings, despite current economic uncertainty, employers clearly can’t afford to be complacent. If employees’ expectations about company culture, rewards, flexibility and training are not satisfied, the figures suggest that they won’t think twice about switching companies.


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