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Multilingual Administration and Business Support Recruitment

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Administration and business support are two areas where communication is vitally important. To fulfil a role of assisting key team members of a business to help it be successful, you need to know how to speak to people. Those good communication skills are even more important when you are working as a go-between with people who don’t speak the same language. Do you have fluency in more than one language? Are you looking progress your current career or want to try something completely new? Our multilingual administration and business support recruitment agents want to hear from you.

We understand the importance of a company having the right bilingual staff, which is why we take the recruitment business very seriously. We don’t believe in just meeting monthly targets and always aim to match up the right candidate with the right employer and position. Therefore, we have become the leading multilingual recruitment agency in the UK.

If you’ve worked through agencies before, you may be surprised by our vetting and application process. We like to do a thorough job. Obviously, we want to make sure that you are suitably fluent in both the written and verbal form of English and at least one other language.

We also need to assess your suitability for a position based on your previous work experience and academic performance. Additionally, though, and possibly most crucially, we are interested in learning more about you as a person. We want to find out about your personality, what motivates you, what you like and dislike and the dreams you have for the future. It may seem as if we are prying, but trust us, as this information can help differentiate you from the multitude of other candidates with identical work experience and academic qualifications.

If you are still interested in our multilingual administration and business support recruitment services, get in contact either by email, telephone, applying directly for positions you are interested in or sending us your CV.

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