Language Tutors Out There – Could You Pass the ‘Ultimate Test?’

Why the Appointments Bi-Language Selection Process for Language Tutors is ‘No Joke’

Appointments Bi-Language supplies both freelance and permanent language tutors to companies large and small across the UK (over 300 languages covered!).

All tutors go through a demanding screening process that includes:

  • Education qualification checks;
  • Checking of all work-related documents;
  • Reference checks and previous employment verification; and
  • Face-to-face interviews.

And, believe us; we’ve had some memorable face-to-face interviews over the years with candidates from all over the world.

Perhaps the most outstanding applicant of them all was a Mexican woman, Consuela Gonzales Ruiz Archuleta Hernandez Santiago Gomez, who longed to leave behind her life as a part-time housemaid/part-time language teacher in Mexico City, to ‘make it’ as a UK-based, full-time language tutor with an address book full of clients.

Here we go, then: that face-to-face interview with Consuela (the ultimate test!):

ABL: What do you get if you cross a cow farmer with a hat maker?
Consuela: A pat on the head?
ABL: Correct!

ABL: Here in the UK, why did the workers at the Royal Mint go on strike?
Consuela: They wanted to make less money?
ABL: Correct!

ABL: In Lapland, what do reindeer have that no other animal on earth has?
Consuela: Baby reindeer?
ABL: Correct! Well done, Consuela. You’re doing great.
Consuela: Muchas gracias. La Cucaracha! La Cucaracha!
ABL: Steady on
Consuela: Sorry

ABL: In Jerusalem, what’s the best way to find a fervently religious missing barber?
Consuela: Comb the Old City?
ABL: Correct again

ABL: In Milan, what’s the best way to see flying saucers?
Consuela: Pinch a waitress?
ABL: Correct

And finally, the toughest question of them all:

ABL: In Egypt, what do they call the little streams that run into the Nile?
Consuela: Erm… Erm… (a pained expression… Mexican cursing….much head scratching… but then…) Juveniles?

Awesome or what!

Consuela was promptly taken on our books and is now a senior language tutor at a top private boys’ school in Bangers Whistle, Cornwall.

Language Tutors Out There, Get in Touch
Are you the next Consuela? Have you ‘got the right stuff’ to land a fantastic language tutoring job through Appointments Bi-Language?

Maybe your forte is teaching a foreign language to a small business group. Or perhaps you excel in providing individual language tuition to high level individuals seeking to improve their language skills.

We have years of experience making the right match between language tutor and client. Why not see if we can do the same for you?

Hasta pronto, amigos!

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