Kate Middleton Learning to Speak Welsh

Kate Middleton is reportedly learning Welsh so that she can fit in with the locals of Anglesey.

The 29-year-old Duchess of Cambridge is living in a rented home in Anglesey along with her husband Prince William and the couple spends most of their time in Wales.

Kate is so keen to learn the language that she has been practising on shop staff in the area when she is out on trips to the supermarket, who have been helping her with the pronunciation or helping her with new phrases to add to her vocabulary.

“She is picking up the language and doing well,” the Daily Star quoted a royal aide as saying.

“Because they live in Wales she is surrounded by the language when she is out and about.

“It is not a case of a lesson a week, she hears Welsh around her and learns the language like that.

“Anglesey is her home – that is where she spends most of her time.
“If you immerse yourself in the culture you pick things up,” the aide stated.

The Welsh Language Board is delighted as the Duchess is performing very well at the new task.

“It’s great news she is learning Welsh,” a spokeswoman said.

“Living in the area and listening to people speak is a very good way to learn the language,” the spokesperson added.

“If you immerse yourself in the culture you pick things up.”

Back in February Kate, 29, sang the Welsh national anthem on her first official visit with William for the launch of a new RNLI lifeboat on Anglesey. She got through the words of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau without stumbling and won praise from onlookers.

And for the newly-weds’ tour of Canada in July she brushed up on her French phrases so she could talk to the crowds.

“Living in the area and listening to people speak is a very good way to learn the language.”

And here are a few helpful phrases she might like to practise:

My husband and I – Fy ngwr a minnau.

And what do you do? – A beth ydych chi’n ei wneud? 

Does my sister’s bum look big in this? – Ydi pen-ôl fy chwaer yn edrych yn fawr yn hwn? 

Harry’s just a bit tired and emotional – Mae Harry fymryn yn flinedig ac emosiynol. 

One day I’ll be Queen –Un diwrnod byddaf yn Frenhines.

Taken from Zee News: 04.09.11

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