Just Arrived: Multilingual Job Vacancies That University Graduates Could Previously Only Dream About

Multilingual Job Vacancies from Appointments Bi-Language

At Appointments Bi-Language (unlike many other recruitment agencies) we accept applications from graduates from all universities, not just a limited number. The Royal College of Nursing, King’s College (London), Loughborough University, Manchester University, The London School of Economics & Political Science, The Lethargy, Lassitude and Listlessness School (for Unemployable Layabouts)…

No, really…

Only last week we interviewed a seemingly very capable young man who was fluent in (wait for it!) 16 different languages. The only problem? The guy was as lazy as a lazy-eyed Latvian loo-cleaner’s light-blue lazy eye. (Try saying that after 8 pints of Stella!) And despite his bone idleness, he still claimed to be ‘very interested’ in handsomely paid and exciting Appointments Bi-Language jobs like these:

JOB DESCRIPTION: Czech speaking Content Editor (Journalist)
SALARY: £21,600-£24,000 (this base salary includes a 20% bonus)
THE COMPANY: Online company in the sports and entertainment area. The website is available in 14 languages and has a large European base. Our client is now looking for a Czech speaking content editor/journalist to add to the dynamic team!

JOB DESCRIPTION: Russian Translator
SALARY: Up to £25,000
LOCATION: Central London
THE COMPANY: The leading provider of strategic telecommunications conferences, which are international in scope and yet highly-focused on the issues facing the industry

JOB DESCRIPTION: Bilingual Human Resources (HR) Consultant with Spanish or Arabic
SALARY: £35,000-£40,000 + Benefits
SECTOR: Media and Financial services
THE COMPANY: Major international company with offices globally. The company operates within the media environment and is expanding fast

Did we even consider him for any of these posts? Of course not. It was fun interviewing him, though! In between periods of sleep (he dozed for about 15 minutes at a time in-between each interview question), the skilled and experienced Appointments Bi-Language interview team managed to glean the following information:

It was his ‘dream’ to find a great job through Appointments Bi-Language because we…

1. Have a reputation for being the best in the bilingual and multilingual recruitment industry
2. Only recruit candidates who are qualified, experienced and highly capable, and
3. Can offer the best English, bilingual and multilingual job vacancies around for translators, interpreters, administrators and language tutors, as well as positions for sales and customer services staff.

Dream on, fella, dream on…

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E-mail address for Clients – james@appointmentsbilanguage.co.uk