Job Ads for Multilingual Vacancies (Be Careful What You Read Into Them!)

A Tiptop Tip from Appointments Bi-Language About Applying for that Dream Multilingual Job

When Appointments Bi-Language advertised the following job on our website, within days our office was inundated with applications from every high profile (but out of work) football coach in the world:

ITALIAN TEAM ASSISTANT – (Central London – City)
Posted: 31/01/2011 | Salary: Please contact for details
This is a fabulous, enviable position in Banking where you can use your Italian on a daily basis! Click here to find out more & how to apply

So many of the applicants obviously didn’t read the job title in full, and in their eagerness to ‘get back into the game’, printed off their CV, typed up a quick covering letter, grabbed an envelope and stamp, and then rushed to the nearest post box with hope in their hearts.

Why-oh-why don’t applicants read the job descriptions in full before sending in their CVs? This is something we at Appointments Bi-Language ask ourselves time and time again.

Take this job ad, for instance:

Posted: 08/11/2010
Brazilian Portuguese-Speaking Market Researcher Salary: £10 per hour Location: London
Click here to find out more & how to apply

Within forty-eight hours of posting this ad, our office was surrounded by a mob of market traders who had flown in (with their barrows and market stalls) from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Santa Caterina, all demanding to be interviewed first, to be “given a chance!”.

But the response to that ad was nothing compared to this one:

Posted: 20/10/2010
Job description – Key Client Relationship Manager, £30,000-£35000 + commission.
Click here to find out more & how to apply

Our poor office girls are still sifting through the fifty-six Royal Mail bags, full to the brim with applications from agony aunts and marriage guidance counsellors based in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and even the Kwa Zulu Natal (from where an aged counsellor sent in her application on a postcard depicting Winnie Mandela dancing wildly to Mary Macgregor’s Seventies chart topper Torn Between Two Lovers).

And So the Moral of the Story Is…
If you are looking for a great new (temporary or permanent) job in:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the job descriptions in full first. Because the sooner you apply for the most suitable multilingual (or English only) job to match your skills and experience, the sooner we can find the perfect job for you.

Game on!

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