It pays to be happy! 

Gone are the days when empathy and emotional awareness didn’t get a look-in at the workplace. It turns out that these undervalued traits, until recently stereotyped as female attributes, are increasingly being considered as highly valuable and useful skills for managers across the board.


According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, emotional intelligence isn’t the softer side of the business. It is in fact an essential component of success in the workplace.


Sigal Barsade, a professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, who sadly died at age 56, had a lot to say on this subject. She argued that a culture of mutual caring and support leads to better performance and less burnout.


She also said that emotions are contagious. So leaders would be well-advised to pay attention to the emotional signals they send through their facial expressions, body language and other habits. She advised that if a manager’s mood isn’t a useful one to their team, they should change it. One trick she suggested was to put on your ‘happy’ face when you arrive at work. Even when feigned, smiling lifts your mood and actually triggers happiness in yourself and others!


So, whatever mood this article finds you in today, spare a thought for the humble smile. Take the finest version of yours out into the full light of day and beam away like nobody’s business. You’ll spread happiness and boost performance and productivity throughout your team in the process. Everyone benefits.


ABL, your trusted recruitment partner, wishes you weeks, months and years packed with emotional intelligence, empathy and happiness! Please get in touch to let us know your tips and tricks for spreading good vibes in your workplace. And if you need any support with the recruitment element of your activity, we would be delighted to lend our expert support.