Speaking Your Language

Sitting down with international clients can be a stifled experience when you’re conversing in broken English and can often leading to miscommunication. By using our interpreting services we can provide you with a fluent bilinguist who will ensure everyone is reading from the same page.

There are two separate interpretation services we provide staff for:

Simultaneous Interpreting

Suggested when you’re pressed for time, with simultaneous interpreting the interpreter will typically be listening to the original speech via headphone, translating its meaning into a microphone concurrently. This takes a highly skilled individual, capable of translating one sentence whilst listening to and comprehending the next.

Consecutive Interpreting

A better solution when you’ve the luxury of time on your side, consecutive interpreting services take place in set intervals, typically every couple of minutes. The speaker will talk in their native language, taking regular pauses during which time the interpreter can relay their meaning to the audience.

Whilst we have a great deal of multilinguists capable of this work, we can narrow down candidates sector by sector in order to ensure that they’re well versed in the specific language of your business.