How to toot your trumpet to raise your visibility and gain recognition at work

It’s Next Year 2022 and it’s time to make some career-flavoured plans! Say goodbye to keeping a low profile as you slog away remotely achieving fabulous things that no one notices. It’s time to work the crowded, competitive room that is the workplace. Whether home or office based, embrace the tips below to be noticed and recognised for all your hard work. Hello 2022, we’re going to make you count!


A recent Forbes article examines nine top tips on how to boost your visibility, promote your achievements, make meaningful connections, and share what you (and your team) are doing with the rest of the company. You’re going learn how to toot your own trumpet without tipping into jarring bragging. Read on to make sure you hit all the right notes…


  1. Get on video

Video meetings are a must for raising visibility when you’re remote working. Otherwise, it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. Consider making short recordings of projects you and your team are working on and circulating them to relevant parties.


  1. Define what you/ your team do and shout about it

Take the time to put together a team charter including your team’s purpose, members and roles plus an outline of what type of tasks are in your remit. The aim of your charter, to be shared with your whole organisation, is to showcase the value you add and to provide a reason to connect.


  1. Schedule more cross-departmental meetings

Touch base regularly with your own team and other departments you work with to brainstorm ideas, workshop an issue, or simply ensure that you’re on same page project-wise.


  1. Make time to toot people’s horns, including your own

Explicitly acknowledge your team for their good work during meetings and in emails to highlight key accomplishments to other internal stakeholders. Share details of successful projects and stories of how your team (and you specifically) overcame challenges to establish your position as a helpful, high-performing resource.


  1. Consider a weekly update newsletter

Write a report each Friday detailing you and your team’s progress, focusing on accomplishments and results. Send it to your managers and seniors leaders.


  1. Ask your boss to be an ally

Tell your boss that raising your visibility is an important goal for you (and your team) this year. Solicit his/her support in trumpeting your team’s accomplishments across departmental walls and higher-up within your business.


  1. Volunteer to sit in

Ask your manager if there are meetings they’d like you to sit in on or take over to gain exposure to new stakeholders and/or projects, and increase goodwill from your over-stretched boss.


  1. Make an effort to proactively reach out

Every week, set yourself a goal to connect with a few new colleagues e.g., by asking how they are, how you can support them, or sending them a helpful resource.


  1. Be responsive, within boundaries

Let others know, through your actions, that they can count on you. Make yourself available for impromptu meetings and chats. Volunteer your advice when you have something helpful and relevant to add, while respecting work boundaries.


By implementing the above tips, you’ll raise your visibility and gain more recognition at work. This leads us to what you may wish to build up to, namely asking for a pay rise. Happily for all of us, we will be addressing exactly this matter in an upcoming email. Watch this space!


Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this or any recruitment matter with us. We are, as always, here to help!