How to Tell a Professional Translator from an Imposter? THAT is the Question

And Why Appointments Bi-Language Translators are ALWAYS the Real Thing

Finding the perfect translator to meet your needs is a doddle if you know the right questions to ask at interview.

Picture the scene:

A French translator, Jean Paul, arrives for interview on a bicycle, wearing a beret, and with a string of onions around his neck. He explains that he has lived in Paris (studying there at the Sorbonne), and worked in Toulouse, Marseille and Lyon. He would appear to be the ideal candidate. What’s more, he claims to speak and write English ‘flawlessly’ and wants to know when he can start work?

At interview, all seems to be going well until the moment of truth arrives:

“OK, Jean Paul, one last question. Are you ready?”

“Oui. Je suis pret.”

“What is the French word for chips?”

“Cheeps?” Jean Paul is momentarily thrown. His frown becomes deeper than the Seine.

“Yes, chips.”


“Chips, yes. Do you need more time?”

“You mean French fries, non?” He asks, slightly bolshy now, a slender trace of a cockney accent suddenly emerging from nowhere! 

“No… We mean chips.”

“Core blimey! You’re ‘avin’ a laugh, aintcha, mate?” Jean Paul drops the French act altogether and is apoplectic, his face is rouge with rage, “The whole world and his dog knows chips aren’t called chips anymore, mate. Times have changed since the good old days of fish and chips and mushy peas on a wet Friday night in Poplar. Where’ve you been? It’s all cheese burger with French fries now. French fries with mayonnaise… My life, chips is SO old hat. Pommes frites might be used occasionally in a posh St Tropez care home, mate. But chips? Nah… In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that chips are extinct!”

“Not at a roulette table, Jean Paul, mon ami.”


“I think you’ll find every casino in the world has a word for chips. Where’ve YOU been?

“Oh… Oh, yeah… Right… I thought you meant-”

“Thank you for coming in today. Now ON YOUR BIKE!”

Good riddance indeed. But where to find a brilliant French translator now? A real one, you ask. Time’s running out. If you can’t find the right French translator soon, you’ll lose the contract. Sacré bleu! Oh mon Dieu!

Relax, when it comes to finding translators, you’re best bet is to leave it all to a bilingual and multilingual recruitment agency who are past masters at finding professional translators (for just about every language in the world). A recruitment agency with a whole database of translators on their books. An agency who can have the perfect translator working on your translation project within the hour. An agency like Appointments Bi-Language, for example!

Translators from Appointments Bi-Language are Available NOW
If you are a company or organisation in need of professional translators of the highest calibre, Appointments Bi-Language has much to offer you. Our Translation Services Division has a reputation for being the best in the bilingual and multilingual recruitment industry, with a bank of translators always standing by who are all:

  • Qualified
  • Experienced
  • Fully referenced
  • Highly capable
  • Contactable
  • Courteous
  • Able to work to quick turnaround times

We always aim to work with translators we’ve worked with before, and we can also provide qualified interpreters at short notice, if that’s what you need.

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Whether you require a translator to translate your website from English to Chinese, your white paper from French to German, your technical manual from Korean to Spanish, or your company newsletter from Japanese to Arabic, get in touch with our friendly team here at Appointments Bi-Language and we’ll solve your translation problems in a quick, no-hassle way.

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