How to survive being laid off

With economic uncertainty comes job insecurity and lots of staff being laid off. While your role at your company may currently be safe, no one knows what the future holds and it’s always good to be prepared. So says The Wall Street Journal in its recently-published survival guide for people who have been made redundant. We’re pleased to share with you – in abridged format – some of the key advice it offers, as follows. 


  1. In the immediate aftermath of a redundancy, pause to find out the exact nature of your separation. Are you being furloughed, laid off or permanently terminated? The answer could mean the difference between having healthcare, severance pay, holiday compensation or not. It could also impact your unemployment benefits.
  2. Keep a cool head. You’ll need it to effectively negotiate your severance package and secure the support you need from HR to land your next job.
  3. Some people announce that they’ve been made redundant on social media, using the opportunity to ask their contacts to reach out to their networks on their behalf. Should you go this route, don’t say anything negative about your former employer. Instead, highlight the valuable experience and important skills you gained while working for them.
  4. Similar to the above point, nurture your existing professional relationships, re-establish contact with colleagues and contacts who you haven’t spoken to for a while, and compile a list of target contacts that could help you. This last group includes professionals in similar roles to you at companies you’d like to work for as well as trustworthy, expert recruitment consultants (think: ABL Recruitment!).
  5. Stay connected to everyone who’ll offer you support – colleagues, friends and family. Create a routine that will give you a sense of productivity and help you gain a sense of control. This could translate to sending out a certain number of job applications a day, working on a new hobby, or doing a daily workout.


Please visit The Citizens Advice service for more useful advice about how to cope – emotionally and financially – with being made redundant.


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