How to support a Fairtrade revolution from your workplace!

COP26 did much to put climate injustice in the limelight. We saw how poorer countries, which are the least responsible for climate change, are suffering the most from its consequences, in the form of extreme weather conditions and associated food, water and shelter shortages. We learnt how, if we’re to put things right, wealthier nations must ramp up their sustainability commitments and green actions as a matter of urgency.


If you’d like to support positive change in this matter, you could sign yourself and/or your company up to Fairtrade Fortnight. This two-week event, running between the 21st February and the 6th March 2022, aims to help spread the message and support farmers in poorer countries in their efforts to create decent lives for their families and tackle climate change. Here are some ideas of how you can help:


– Organise an on or offline event such as a bake-off, a wine tasting, a boardroom breakfast or a quiz night. For virtual events, contact the Fairtrade Foundation to see if a staff speaker is available to join you. All proceeds go to the charity.


Spread the word around the office with posters and explainer leaflets


– Head to Fairtrade Fortnight’s Resource Library for posts and banners for social media, press releases, digital posters, images, videos and even Zoom backgrounds. When posting online, be sure to use the hashtag #FairtradeFortnight.


– Share Fairtrade Fortnight’s key messages and FAQs and the stories of farmers affected by climate change with your colleagues.


However you decide to support Fairtrade, even if it’s simply by opting for Fairtrade items in your weekly shop, every little helps. Should you decide to run an event, good luck and please let us know how you get on. The ABL team, your trusted recruitment partners, are always keen to hear from you!