How to promote positive mental health at work this World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day, celebrated on the 10th of October every year, is almost upon us. Many companies are embracing the opportunity to raise awareness about mental health in the workplace. Wikipedia has lots of ideas on how businesses can mark the occasion. Read the full article here or jump to our summary below. 

Ideas on how to raise awareness about World Mental Health Day

  1. Pass out green ribbons, the official symbol for mental health awareness, for people to pin to their tops and shirts to show support.
  2. Share themed materials – handouts, brochures and educational videos – with employees. You can also print up posters for the office or post them on social media.
  3. Run a company fundraiser – e.g., a silent auction, cake sale or pub quiz – to benefit a local mental health charity.
  4. Host an informal mental health coffee morning to give coworkers a chance to talk about the issues. Have a list of related topics and facts (including public figures who are open about their mental health struggles) at the ready. If the numbers are big, break the event down into smaller groups.

Ideas on how to host a wellness event (on or around the 10th of October)

  1. Post flyers around the office and send employees an email to invite them to your event. Organise for an expert guest speaker – a motivational speaker, health educator, charity worker or psychology professor – to talk about the issues and why they matter in the workplace.
  2. Run a raffle to encourage employee participation. Ensure employees know they have to be present at the event for their chance to win one of the great prizes, e.g., gift cards or a self-care basket.
  3. Set up themed tables and stock them with flyers, brochures and/or a topic expert. Potential themes include self-care tips, suggestions for managing work stress, information about workplace mental health programmes, and tips on creative outlets that help combat stress.
  4. Create a calming space in which employees can relax. In the space, offer a 10-minute massage, calming music, breathing exercises, guided meditation and/or yoga instruction. Invite relevant local businesses to do a free short demo.
  5. Hand out related freebies, e.g., stress balls and notepads with uplifting statements.


In conclusion, World Mental Health Day offers businesses a great chance to talk about mental health issues and offer support to employees. Please let us know if you’ve got any tips you’d like to share on the matter. We’d love to hear from you! And Happy World Mental Health Day!