How to nurse a Guinness-flavoured hangover at work

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day for the 17th of March! While you’re thinking about painting the office green, donning your favourite emerald-coloured jumper, and jigging your way to the office to the beat of The Pogues, spare a thought for the considerably less jolly matter of the aftermath…


All too often, common sense absents itself from work celebrations. Enthusiasm gives way to excess and, before we know it, we are faced with a day of self-reproach and a crashing hangover. Fortunately, Forbes has published some useful tips on how to deal with latter, as follows:


  1. Should you stay or should you go – make a sensible decision

Consider speaking with your boss about working from home or having a sick day. Honesty is sometimes the best policy, and you certainly shouldn’t roll into work still under the effects of too many tequilas. If later questioned by colleagues, share your symptoms but veil the cause in impenetrable mystery.


  1. Have a contrast shower

Alternate extreme heat with extreme cold in your morning shower. This will increase blood flow circulation in your body, helping you to wake up and shake off your previous night’s enthusiasm. Dress in comfortable, breathable clothes.


  1. Breakfast heartily and healthily

Don’t be tempted to down a full cafetière of coffee to get rid of your headache. Swap your dehydration-inducing pecadillo for a mild green tea and red ginseng instead. The latter has been proven to relieve hangover symptoms. Couple your angelic drink with a big, hearty breakfast to accelerate your full recovery.


  1. Go grey and minty!

Change your computer background from bright white to gentle grey to reduce eye strain and headaches. Fill your desk-side diffuser with lavender and peppermint to reduce nausea and headaches.


So now you know what to do to offset the effects of your overindulgence, how about dodging that painful bullet in the first place?! Practise restraint, eat before you go out, and drink lots of water to get the most out of fun work events while avoiding the potential risks. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from ABL, your trusted recruitment partners, and enjoy your (one or two pints of) Guinness!