How to GET HIRED ON THE SPOT (or not!)

Are you an ambitious bi-lingual secretary, administrator, language tutor, translator, or sales person who believes in only working to the very highest standards?

Would you like to work for an award-winning multi-lingual recruitment agency with a portfolio of international clients?

Of course you would! And, thanks to the abundance of exciting employment opportunities AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW through Appointments Bi-Language, you can.

But WAIT. Before we take things further…
Whatever you do, if you really want to work for us, please do NOT ask any of the following 10 questions at an Appointments Bi-Language job interview (all of which were asked at job interviews across the UK over the past year):

  1. “What is it that you people do at this company?”
  2. “Why on earth do you want references?”
  3. “Do you mind if I eat my lunch through this? I’ve had a hell of a morning.”
  4. “Sometimes I feel like smashing things. Is that going to be OK?”
  5. “Can I use your phone to ring my therapist?”
  6. “I know this might seem inappropriate, but will you like to adopt a kitten?”
  7. “Do lots of people here have affairs?”
  8. “Once I’m established at one of your client’s premises, what would happen if I put beer in the water cooler?”
  9. “If I work for you for more than 6 weeks, do I qualify for a loyalty bonus?”

    and (wait for it!):

  10. “Will Appointments Bi-Language pay to relocate my ponies?”

None of the above ‘candidates’ ever approached us for a job. They wouldn’t dare. Why? Because when it comes to finding the right people to fill some of the best multilingual sales, secretarial, tutoring, translation and customer service vacancies in London and beyond, Appointments Bi-Language only interview and accept the cream of the crop.

Is that you?

If so, we want to hear from you.

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