How to Find the Perfect Bilingual Secretary or Salesperson, Without Even Looking!

Which one of these ancient proverbs captures your imagination the most?

‘No wind, no waves.’

‘Steal a bell with one’s ears covered.’

‘You cannot push a cow’s head down unless it is drinking by its own will.’

‘Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend’s earlobe.’

And (wait for it…)

‘When it comes to finding the right bilingual secretary or salesperson, leave the entire process of advertising for, screening, interviewing and testing candidates to an expert, and end up recruiting the cream of the crop!’

It’s true. There IS another way…

Whether you are an investment bank, management consultants, fashion emporium, publisher or other, when it comes to recruiting staff for your business, nothing’s more exciting than finding the perfect person for the job.

Except maybe this…

Underwater hockey before lunch, anyone?

As well as adding a fantastic new member to your team (be that permanently or temporarily), below are just some of the many other benefits outsourcing your staffing needs to Appointments Bi-Language can bring:

  1. Focus upon other aspects of your business safe in the knowledge that all your recruitment requirements are expertly taken care of.
  2. Save time and money on training through letting us do all the background work for you – providing you with a candidate who is already adequately skilled to meet your needs.
  3. Enjoy easier administration, unbiased advice, media knowledge and added expertise.
  4. Undertake any project which involves a bilingual aspect, with 100 per cent confidence that you have the right personnel in place to perform to the highest standards from project procurement through to completion. And last but not least:
  5. Take advantage of all that freed up time by getting in 18 holes before lunch; finally reading that book about Zen meditation you were given 5 Christmases ago; treating your staff to a team-building game of underwater hockey; or even learning to play Lady Gaga’s complete first album on a candy-apple-red kazoo!

The list is ENDLESS.

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P.S. Ahhh, the wisdom of those ancient proverbs… And what about thought-provoking African proverbs? Or beautiful French, Spanish and Latin proverbs? Do mystical Arabian proverbs take your breath away? And do you know any proverbs with a language theme that may teach and inspire others?

If so, please get in touch and share them with us!