How to dress in a heatwave

It may seem a little premature (and optimistic) to be talking about a British heatwave, but forewarned is forearmed. British Summertime has arrived and when those bouts of intense heat hit in a few months, you and your wardrobe need to be prepared. The big sartorial challenge is how to nail your summertime office look without compromising on propriety.


Fortunately, The Independent has issued a guide on how to keep cool and dress appropriately for work in the heat, and this is the perfect time to share it. Phew!


  1. Go lightweight

Opt for lightweight materials. Linen, muslin and loose-fitting denim are all breathable options that will help you keep your cool, even under pressure. Materials such as silk, cotton, linen or summer-weight wool and cotton blends that breathe are good options. Choose light colours where possible to keep any potential over-heating under wraps.


  1. Balance is key

Reputations have been lost by careless skin-baring wardrobe choices. Crop tops, miniskirts and hot pants do not lend themselves well to an office environment. And, if you really must, be balanced in your approach. Counter the shortness of your skirt with a long-sleeved top. Balance the brevity of your vest top with a midi skirt or loose-fitting trousers. And, gentlemen readers, never go smaller or tighter than a polo shirt. Your colleagues’ sniggers will haunt you forever.


  1. Tailor rather than over-share

Short hemlines are acceptable but err on the side of smart and tailored. If your colleagues can discern the shape and colour of what lies beneath, you’re over-sharing and need to head straight to your nearest Zara or Mango for prompt damage limitation.


  1. Keep it simple

Everyone loves a classic, free-flowing midi or maxi dress, right? Well, only if you adjust that plunging neckline to office-appropriate mode. Use layering tactics such as wearing a vest top underneath.


And there you have it! Time to hit the shops so that when the summer sun smiles dazzlingly in your direction, you’re ready with a perfectly professional, comfortable, stylish sartorial response.


Enjoy and, if you’d like some guidance on how to land a new dream job this summer, please get in touch. Your trusted recruitment partners at ABL are always happy to help!