How to be a good team member at work

Stress Awareness April 2022, with its focus on the role of the community as a stress-busting tool, raises the question of how we, as employees, can become better team players. There’s a proven link between being a good team player and low stress levels. And the positive impact on our overall well-being, morale and productivity is widely documented. But before we look at how we can hone our skills in this vital area, let’s examine what defines a good team player.


You’re a good team player if…

According to the University of Rochester, US, you’re a good team player if:


  1. You understand your role within the team and strive to perform your duties to the best of your ability. You’re happy to offer help to your colleagues, but you also respect the boundaries of your position.


  1. You welcome collaboration. Even if you think your idea is the best one on the table, you respectfully listen to everyone’s input. You’re open to compromise and, if the consensus goes against you, you respect and support the group decision.


  1. You hold yourself accountable. You take responsibility for your mistakes, learn from them, and look for solutions. You understand how your actions impact the entire group.


  1. You are flexible and readily accept the work your manager delegates to you, considering every task as a valuable learning opportunity.


  1. You have a positive attitude even at stressful times.


  1. You are fully committed to the team and consistently show others that you believe in the group, the process and the goals.


You can become a better team player if…

The article claims that you can become a better team player if:


  1. You readily offer help when a colleague appears to be struggling. Team players support each other during difficult times. And remember to ask for help when you need it too.


  1. Actively listen. This means making a conscious effort to understand the other person and thoughtfully respond to them. Ask questions to clarify things you don’t understand.


  1. Communicate. Keep your team updated on your progress, highlight any budding problems and discuss potential solutions. Communicate constantly to ensure that the team is working toward the same goal efficiently and effectively.


  1. Respect others. Take time to get to know your team. Ask them about their weekends, families and friends to show that you care.


  1. Be a problem-solver. When you recognise a problem, brainstorm solutions with your colleagues and/or seek feedback about your ideas.


  1. Celebrate your teammates’ successes. When a member of your team achieves an individual goal, the whole team moves closer to completing its objectives too.


  1. If you’re unsure about what areas you need to work on to be a better team player, ask a trusted colleague for honest feedback. Consider asking someone you respect in your industry to be your mentor.


Displaying consistent teamwork skills indicates a strong work ethic and a commitment to your teammates and your company. This increases your chances for salary raises and promotions. Beyond being a good team player, there are other ways to boost a sense of community in the workplace such as socialising, volunteering and mentoring. All of these factors combine to help you achieve your career success and improve your overall happiness, sense of belonging, well-being and even your health. What’s not to love?!


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to kick-start your campaign to become a better team player, and your time starts now. ABL, the trusted multilingual recruitment expert, wishes you the very best of luck. Check in with us soon to let us know how you’re getting on, and for our expert, thoughtful guidance for your next career move.