How competitive sports can help your career

Competitive sports deliver many benefits that go well beyond the playing field. They have a powerful and positive impact on your health, mental well-being and professional life. The skills and attributes you learn may even determine the pace and shape of your career progression.


So, if you’re a competitive sportsperson, be sure to promote it on your CV and in your LinkedIn profile. Hiring managers, well aware of the business benefits typically associated with keen sportsmen and women, are likely to take your application more seriously as a result.


According to LinkedIn, the most valuable skills and attributes that competitive sportspeople offer employers are:

Discipline – they are well used to managing hardship and negotiating difficulty in order to achieve their goals.

Teamwork – they know how to gel with their teammates and this plays a decisive role in achieving their team goals.

Perseverance – they get back on their feet quickly after a setback or loss. They learn from their mistakes and move on.

Time management – competitive sportspeople have to fit many hours of training around other commitments. They know how to be incredibly efficient and prioritise their time effectively as a result. These time management skills translate well to working life.

(A healthy) competitive spirit – an appetite to win (graciously) is essential for business success. It powers the desire for constant improvement that’s so essential both on and off the playing field.


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