10 pointers for writing the perfect job advert

Our team has many years’ experience writing successful job adverts and is always here to write yours for you. However, if you would like to have a go yourself, here are ten useful tips:


1. Your name: If you choose to include the name of your company, include a description to add weight, for example, ‘leading financial services organisation’

2. Job title: Think about what your marketplace will be searching for online and use appropriate words to describe the job role. Try to avoid your own internal jargon

3. Location: An essential ingredient to the high-response job advert is the location, ideally written as a specific town or postcode

4. Introduction: Keep your intro to around 40 words and summarise the key points of the job enough to pull the reader in to find out more

5. Salary: If you choose to feature a salary band this will produce more qualified responses. You can include the salary purely for search engines that does not need to be shown in the job ad itself

6. Personality: An advert with personality will stand out over the many other adverts and remain top of mind with the reader – just make sure the tone works with your brand guidelines

7. The Role: Provide brief points, between three and seven, of the responsibilities you expect from the employee, and show why these responsibilities are important to the company

8. The Person: Briefly but specifically list the skills, attributes and qualifications you are looking for – necessary and advantageous – from your ideal candidate

9. Benefits and Rewards: Add to the position with details of company perks and benefits to make your role stand out from any competitors

10. Action: Be very clear about how you want applicants to respond to the advert. To save yourself a deluge of CVs, Appointments Bi-Language can filter all applications and candidates with thorough checks in line with your requests to save you time