6 tips for effective interviewing and screening












Interviewing skills are important, as they can be the difference between employing the right or wrong person in your company. It is therefore essential you are good listener, as well as a good interviewer.

And remember, in a world where a bad experience is broadcast to thousands or millions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in seconds, think about how you present your business to your interviewee. You have a PR responsibility whenever you represent your brand so sell your business positively because you never know who your candidate will communicate with off and online.

 Appointments Bi-Language is here to ensure you are well prepared for the interview stage. Whether you simply need advice on questions to ask, or help with specific tests for individual candidates, we are experienced in doing both and can work with you during the entire process.

Here are 6 tips to help you prepare and conduct good interviews:

1.     Always prepare thoroughly and read the CV properly before the interview. This will help you consider vital questions in advance

2.     Create the right expectations up front by using a manner and tone you expect in return. Explain clearly the interview duration and structure

3.     Use your instinct. Sometimes critical deciding factors can come down to the smaller, less obvious responses you picked up at the interview

4.     Maintain focus throughout the meeting and don’t exceed the allotted time for the interview

5.      Keep notes. It can be hard to remember everything that is said in the interview

 6.      This is a two-way interview so be prepared to sell the job to the candidates you want for the position. Enthusiasm is key