Google Chrome Launches Bilingual Search

Search king Google has released a new extension for its Chrome browser that allows users to search Google and YouTube in two languages simultaneously.

The “Bilingual Suggest” extension claims to enhance Google and YouTube searches with query suggestions from more than 50 languages.

“Bilingual Suggest turns Google and YouTube Suggest into two columns; the first column shows query suggestions in the your native language, while the second column lists queries translated from the left. Queries in both columns can be searched!” it said in a description of the extension.

Users who install the feature on their Chrome browsers will see suggested searches in two columns, in two languages. Both languages are searchable.

The typed queries can be instantly translated in more than 50 languages, powered by Google’s translate function.

“(It is) lightweight, very fast, makes you more productive,” it said, adding the extension is integrated with and

Google said the extension presently supports YouTube and 60 Google domains ( and 59 local domains), and supports more than 20 Google products including web search and Images.

Taken from GMA News: 04.07.11