Frustrated Brad Pitt Struggling To Learn French

Brad Pitt is struggling to learn French so he can be bilingual just like the rest of his international family.

The movie star fears he’s being left behind by his partner Angelina Jolie and their kids – because they can all speak more than one language, and he hates travelling abroad and not being able to converse in the local tongue.

The Oscar nominee tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m frustrated going to other countries and not being able to converse with everyone, and we’re trying to spend some time in Europe and use that as a hub.

“I want my kids to have the gift of other languages; it wasn’t an emphasis where I grew up. But those synapses close down – they’re fused shut and I’m trying like mad to open them again.”

And Pitt admits Jolie’s gift of being able to say the right thing at the right time is something he admires.

He adds, “My great frustration is I can’t explain what I’m trying to explain. I’ve got the vocabulary of a public school education and the grammar of an eighth grader (13 year old).”


Taken from 29.01.12