Forget ‘quiet quitting’ – how to tell if you’ve been ‘quietly fired’

Did you know that ‘quiet quitting’ was even a thing? Since TikTok brought it to our attention earlier this year, it’s been sweeping the workplace, sapping workers of their desire to do anything more than the bare minimum.  


Sound familiar? If you’ve signed up for this particular work trend, it’s time to prepare yourself for some uncomfortable reading. It turns out that ‘quiet firing’ – the corporate counterpart of ‘quiet quitting’ – is also on the rise. And it may be pointing its finger in your direction right now…


According to a recent article in The Independent, never receiving feedback or praise, or only ever receiving the minimal pay rise (if any pay rise at all) are signs that your boss is just as disenamored with you as you are with your job. Constantly having your meetings cancelled or only being offered uninspiring projects are other tell-tale signs.


So if your campaign of quiet quitting is going well, beware. If you spot any of the above red flags, it may be that your boss is deliberately making you feel so incompetent, isolated and unappreciated that you’ll leave quietly without making a fuss. Or perhaps their plan is for the lack of support to negatively impact your performance so seriously that there are legitimate grounds to fire you.


Either way, the article claims, the real problem lies not with quiet firing or quiet quitting per se. Poor management is the root cause of both phenomena. So the question is not what we should do to avoid turning into quiet quitters or getting quietly fired. It’s about how companies can actively train managers to be more effective at building trust, respect and relationships with team members. In matters of work engagement, the ball is, it would seem, in your company’s court and not yours.


The article concludes that people want to give their energy, creativity, time and enthusiasm to organisations and leaders that deserve it. If they don’t identify any worthwhile leaders, values or activities at their current company, they’ll simply go elsewhere.


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