Five ways to get your employees involved in charity initiatives

When a company embraces charitable actions, it fosters a sense of pride in employees and boosts loyalty and retention. Fundraising activities also offer valuable team building and marketing opportunities. And that’s before we even think about the positive impact on the charity’s beneficiaries. In fact, it’s hard to think of a reason not to get involved…


For tips on how to get your employees’ support with your organisation’s charitable efforts, please visit The Business Journal or see below for a quick overview of its advice on the subject.


  1. Event sponsorship – Ask your employees to select their preferred charity. Organise a sponsored activity in which most employees can participate. Sponsored walks and runs are popular choices. Campaign on a corporate and individual level, and send all funds raised to the chosen charity.


  1. A company matching program – Whether the fruit of fundraising efforts or just a simple donation, your company can match employee charity cash gifts pound for pound through a matching programme.


  1. Host a drive – Campaign for tangible donations – food, clothing, medical supplies, etc. – that benefit people in need. Partner with a charity that delivers these products to vulnerable communities. Inject a little friendly competition between departments to up the ante.


  1. Volunteer days – Encourage employees to volunteer together to help a local charity such as a soup kitchen, animal shelter or school. Offer additional personal days to be used for volunteer activities aligned with the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy.


  1. Mentorship programmes – Encourage staff to share their valuable expertise and skills as mentors in schools and associations that support struggling adults, for example.


Whatever form your charitable actions take, business leaders should show strong support and active participation by way of encouragement. Documenting your activities and following the progress of your partner charities via social media and in marketing communications enables employees to see the impact of their involvement and feel more invested in the cause. So don’t be shy when it comes to shouting about your charitable activities!


At ABL, we opt for the mentorship option. Our consultants get one day off per year to work with a charity of their choice and put their skills and experience to work to make a real difference. We’ve worked with Crisis at Christmas, The Princes Trust, the NSPCC and The Brokerage (a charity that works with disadvantaged youngsters to mentor and assist with job applications), and we’ll continue to do so over the coming years.


ABL wishes you the best of luck with all your charitable work. And, if you’d like some support with your recruitment activity, please get in touch. With over 30 years’ experience in the field, and a vast pool of active job-seekers on our books, we’re in the strongest of positions to help.