Five top tips to create a high-impact, successful wellbeing plan

According to the HR Director, 80% of employers claim having a good wellbeing strategy in place can bring about high-impact business benefits in terms of recruitment, retention, engagement and productivity. Yet 24% of employers only have an informal wellbeing plan in place, and 13% don’t have anything at all!

Whether your company counts among the enlightened 63% or not, tips on how to create and implement corporate wellbeing plans are almost always welcomed by today’s busy HR community. With this in mind, please see below the top five recommendations from Forbes on how to implement a corporate wellbeing programme that employees will love.

1. Ask employees about the kind of support they need and wish for. No one is in a better position to answer the question than them! Use an anonymous survey to get open, unfiltered feedback and design a programme that genuinely addresses the insights delivered. Issue follow-up surveys to measure the success of your programme and refine it accordingly.

2. Offer a variety of wellbeing activities to positively impact the largest number of employees possible. Some staff prefer individual mental health initiatives, while others thrive in group physical activities such as sponsored runs.

3. Offer formal and informal ways to participate. For a more structured approach, host monthly webinars animated by experts on a range of wellbeing topics. On the less formal end of the spectrum, employees can create their own peer-to-peer programs, for example sharing nutritional recipes or details of jogging routes near to the office.

4. Make it enjoyable and easy to participate. Add an element of individual or team competition, with prizes in the offing on programme completion. Use technology tools and apps to make taking part interactive, fun and easy. Employees can earn points for healthy behaviours, for example.

5. Shout about your wellbeing programme internally at launch, recognise participants regularly, and celebrate the ‘winners’ with concrete prizes.

By implementing these simple suggestions, you’ll set your corporate wellbeing programme up for success. Such programmes are designed to help us to be happy and do great things both at work and in our personal lives. Enjoy the ripple effect!

We hope you found this article useful and informative. If there are any other HR or recruitment-related issues that you’d like us to explore going forwards, please let us know. ABL, your expert multilingual recruitment partner, is as always here to help!