Five top tips for making your company shine at interview

The fine art of recruiting top talent has become more challenging over recent months.There has been a role reversal as interviewers compete to convince top talent that theirs is the best company to work for.  Huge volumes of job vacancies and a truly global pool of possibilities are here to stay. How can you make your business shine in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace?


Here are five top tips to help you seal the deal:


  1. Build a solid employee brand and communicate it clearly to staff and candidates.

Interview your staff and find out what they like most about your company. Do they value the business and appreciate its brand values and culture? Do they point to benefits or sustainability programmes, or perhaps the social aspect ? Try to get a sense for what makes your business a good employer and in what ways it’s unique.


Write up your findings concisely and clearly. Communicate them to all your recruiting staff. They are your strongest asset in the interview room, and it’s vital that they’re on-message. Give them the opportunity to practise presenting the key points. Work with your Marketing team to create attractive supporting materials.


  1. Be a great employer, and shout about it!

Apply for Employer of the Year awards. It’s a great way to identify your key strengths and to promote your business to potential candidates.


Similarly, be sure to promote your competitive compensation and benefits package at multiple touch-points of the candidate journey.


  1. Create a community of engaged stakeholders.

Promote news of your HR initiatives and programmes, internal awards, etc. plus thought leadership articles on social media and as blog articles on your website. This will boost your visibility and engagement among future candidates, and help to secure buy-in before they even set foot in the interview room.


  1. Put an employee referral program in place.

This is a cost-effective recruitment tool which can be extended to former staff, freelancers, consultants and suppliers. There’s no higher recommendation than one that comes from people who work or have worked with your business.


  1. Let your employees do the legwork!

Promote video and text staff testimonials on your website.


The bottom line is that if you’re a good employer with strong brand values and a solid HR strategy, job seekers will want to work for you. Just be sure to shout about it!


Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how your trusted partners here at ABL can help you to get the word out, so that you can attract top talent for your vacancies, and seal the deal.