Five signs of a good boss

A lot of airtime is given to what a bad boss looks like, but what of a good boss? How can you spot one? According to the HR Digest, a number of green flags burn bright in this respect…


– Good bosses don’t micromanage

A good boss believes in you and your potential. They give you and the rest of the team the space necessary to get the job done and make your own mistakes. They’re confident that if you make an error you can’t fix, or if you can’t figure something out yourself, you’ll put your hand up and ask for help. Otherwise, they trust you to keep progressing things in the right direction. Enjoy!


– They know how to take the blame

Most workers have been unfairly blamed when things go awry by a boss at some point in their career. They’ve seen that same boss take the credit for their work. A good boss will do neither. They’ll happily admit their mistakes, highlighting them as a learning point for the whole team. And they’ll be your biggest cheerleader when you accomplish great things or achieve an important milestone. In fact, they’ll jump on the opportunity to let you and the whole world know that you’re appreciated. Nice!


– Good bosses are approachable

A great boss doesn’t need to lord it over their team. They are approachable and interested in you on a personal and a professional level. You can be confident that they’ll give you all the support they can to help you be successful, in and outside work.


– They communicate effectively and provide helpful, constructive feedback

You can also count on a good boss to set clear, realistic goals and communicate them effectively. If things go wrong, they will help you to identify the problem and workshop your way towards the solution together. They may identify training that could be helpful going forwards.


Are there any other signs of a good boss that we’ve missed? Please get in contact to share your thoughts and experiences. ABL’s team of multilingual recruitment experts will, as always, be pleased to hear from you. And if your boss isn’t up to the job, maybe it’s time to explore other opportunities. With over 120 open vacancies and longstanding relationships with 400+ leading companies worldwide, we’ll find you your dream job and help you nail the interview. Please get in contact!