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Are recruitment agencies worth it?

Are recruitment agencies worth it?

This is a question that we get asked a lot.

There is a very simple answer to this question. Hiring through a recruitment agency to identify and entice talent, and then negotiate terms, can reduce the amount of time, costs, and energy in the hiring process. To put it simply, using a recruitment agency produces effective and efficient results.


Recruiting directly is more difficult and expensive than ever

Recruiting new staff is a time-consuming and expensive process – and that’s just if it all goes smoothly.

Using a recruitment agency is a lot cheaper than a company advertising direct and not finding someone or ploughing through thousands of irrelevant applications. Recruitment agencies are free services as clients ONLY pay on a successful outcome (and they have the benefit of rebates if the placement does not work out!).

Recruiting has recently become harder than ever, especially for languages recruitment in London. Since the Brexit referendum, over 1.3 million Europeans have left the UK meaning there is a severe shortage of talent who speak foreign languages. This can further add to your difficulty recruiting multilingual people. Recruitment agencies take the pain out of the process and do all the hard work for you, sourcing candidates, vetting and prepping them for interviews.


Resolving the struggle for candidates

As mentioned, the top multilingual talent has become more prized. But, recruitment agencies have your back. They have thousands of excellent candidates on databases and large contact networks in different nationalities’ communities.

So, are recruitment agencies worth it? Only you can make that decision.


The bottom line is recruitment agencies do the legwork and done well can save the client huge amounts of time and effort by refining a shortlist of candidates and accessing people that the client would never find without having the agency’s network.

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