Does Knowing a Foreign Language Make You Richer, Happier… and Sexier?

A recently published report commissioned by Michael Thomas, the Hollywood language teacher who has taught celebrities such as Doris Day, Emma Thompson and Woody Allen, highlights some interesting benefits brought to those who learn a foreign language.

According to the report, Britons who learn a foreign language are richer, happier and are regarded as sexier than those who can only speak English.

People who learn a foreign language earn an extra £3,000 a year – a total of £145,000 over their lifetime. Companies are prepared to pay workers earning the national average of £25,818 as much as 12% more if they speak or learn a foreign language. For higher earners, the figures are even more startling. Those earning £45,000 could see a potential cash boost of 20%, amounting to an extra £9,000 a year or £423,000 over a lifetime.

In addition, a survey of 270 dating agencies found that people who learn or speak a foreign language are also more attractive to the opposite sex. Britons who speak a foreign language were rated more highly because they are easier to match with partners as they are considered to be more intelligent and sexier.

So for those who could do with some more dispensable income and a more exciting romantic life the message is clear, learn a foreign language!

Taken from Crossing Borders: 29.07.11