CV Screening Checklist: How to Identify the Best Candidates for Interviews

A CV screening checklist is a useful tool to consistently judge the suitability of a candidate for a role you have advertised. This is particularly important if you’re splitting CVs amongst the team to assess. You want to ensure each team member is looking at the CV with the same structure in mind. Here is a sample CV screening checklist template that you can use to evaluate candidates’ resumes:



  • Does the candidate have the required level of education for the role (e.g. bachelor’s degree, master’s degree)?
  • Are there any relevant coursework or certifications that are relevant to the role?


Work experience:

  • Does the candidate have relevant work experience for the role?
  • Have they held positions with similar responsibilities or skills requirements?
  • Have they progressed in their career or taken on additional responsibilities over time?



  • Does the candidate have the required skills for the role (e.g. proficiency in a specific software or language)?
  • Do they have any additional skills that could be beneficial for the role or the organization?



  • Has the candidate listed any notable achievements or accomplishments in their career?
  • Do these achievements demonstrate their capabilities and potential fit for the role?


Culture fit:

  • Does the candidate’s work style and values align with those of the organization?
  • Have they demonstrated a strong fit with the company culture in their past roles?


By using this CV screening checklist as a guide, you can efficiently evaluate candidates’ resumes and identify the most qualified and suitable candidates for the role.


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