Creative Job Hunting: the Hunter Becomes the Hunted


Times are tough. So tough that unemployed US citizen Mork Encino has invited all-comers to hunt him down and potentially kill him, in exchange for a large bounty.

“I’m faster than a wild turkey,” says Encino on his website,, “smart as any GODDAMN wild boar and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the monetary health of my family.” Each hunter must pay the self-styled “pro prey” $10,000, while hunting him naked costs an extra $2,000. Encino says he was inspired by the 90s film Surviving the Game, which tells the story of a homeless man, played by Ice-T, who is hunted in the wild by a group of businessmen.

For the moment, though, Encino says his project is more of a publicity stunt than a bid for assisted suicide. “It’s a job application, really,” says Encino. “I thought it would spread the word about my predicament.” After losing his construction job 13 months ago, Encino, 28, has been unemployed, despite sending out more than 200 job applications. “I haven’t got a single response.”

His hunting project has attracted far more interest. “Some people say, ‘You’re an idiot, LOL’,” explains Encino, who spoke to G2 on condition that we kept his hiding place secret. “Then there’s the people saying ‘keep your head up’ — and that’s greatly appreciated. Finally there’s the genuine offers. They’re colder-toned. I’ve put them in a special box, and I’ll consider them in six months.”

Encino says he has received 10-15 such applications – “but no one has asked yet about the butt-naked stuff”. Solicitation to commit murder is illegal in the US, but Encino says he hopes more conventional employers will step in before that becomes an issue. “I’ve learned you can’t just lob a resumé at them,” he says. “But they might be impressed by my ability to stir the pot.”