Businesses turn to flexible workers as the skills shortage worsens

Recent reports from the Office for National Statistics show that job vacancies hit a record high between February and April 2022. This was the first time that unemployment levels were below vacancy numbers. In response, employers are setting their sights on contractors to plug the gap. The era of the so-called Gig Economy has arrived and it’s increasing its grip on the job market.

This is particularly true of the IT sector. Technology companies are reducing their dependency on full-time salaried workers and turning to temporary or contract professionals to fill skills shortages on a project-by-project basis.

For employers, there are multiple benefits to hiring contractors for one-off projects. Contracting accelerates time-to-hire and reduces labour costs over time. Pre-Covid, companies were reluctant to rely on off-site freelancers but the normalisation of remote working has removed this barrier.

However, employing contractors is not without risk. Employers have to work hard to ensure a good organisational culture is maintained. They need to put working practices in place that enable permanent and contract staff to work together well and feel equally valued. In addition, related emerging regulations can be difficult to keep track of.

Companies can mitigate the possibility of employment litigation by outsourcing the employment of temporary workers and contractors to experienced, professional recruitment agencies.

If your organisation is looking to plug a skills shortfall, a short-term project, parental leave or holiday cover with temporary or contract workers, you can do so in confidence by partnering with a reputable, trustworthy recruitment expert.

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