The sustainability say/do gap – six top tips to check if companies are as green as they claim

COP26 has done much to focus the limelight on net zero. Individuals are stepping up their sustainability efforts, and businesses are following suit, or at least that’s what they’re saying


The majority of companies have a strong social conscience but what about the small number of unscrupulous companies which lie about their green actions for marketing purposes?


Here’s some advice on how to check that a company’s sustainability claims are true:


– Review all the information you receive about your potential new job, especially policies and results regarding sustainability, energy efficiency and carbon emissions reductions.


– Search the company’s website for reports on social responsibility and/or sustainability efforts. If you can’t find one there, conduct a search on Google.


– Research third-party endorsements such as awards and accolades, affiliations with recognisable organisations, and membership of associations known for sustainability or social responsibility.


– Search social media platforms to get a sense of the values behind the company.


– Pick up the phone to your trusted adviser at ABL. We have a deep understanding of our clients’ respective brand cultures and values. We will find you the best company not only for your skills and experience, but also for the causes closest to your heart.


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