5 Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

1. Motivate yourself

Every new language you learn will give you the opportunity to access an unlimited source of new information, meet more people and find better job. Studying is not an easy task but if you keep yourself motivated and try to enjoy the lessons, then this language adventure will turn for you into a wonderful journey – entertaining and rewarding.

2. Grammar made easy

Never underestimate the grammar – it is essential in the process of learning of any foreign language. Most of the people find grammar rules boring and give up easily, but what is important is not if you have succeeded to learn everything by heart but your understanding of how the language is constructed. No need to spend hours trying to memorize and excise. All you need to do is to read and understand in details the certain grammar unit. Once you are done, try to find some articles or books in the foreign language and read as much as possible. Through reading you will have the chance to see the “grammar in use” while enjoying a nice story or an useful information. The grammatical structures you need to know will appear in front of your eyes for unlimited number of times giving you the chance to learn it without any tension and annoyance.

3. Find native speakers to communicate with

The more practice you have, the more comfortable you will feel with the foreign language. If you do not know anyone with whom to practise your skills do not hesitate to search for native speakers online. There are plenty of sites in Internet that provide the opportunity of language exchange and that could give you the chance to make new friendships and improve your language skills at the same time.

4. Read, read, read…

Reading is essential, especially for those who have a strong visual memory. Anything could be useful -articles, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Even brochures and printed advertisements can be really useful giving you a chance to enlarge your vocabulary – together with the products advertised you can see their names and characteristics described in the foreign language.

Put small colorful notes with new words written on them all over your place, for example on the cupboard, fridge or the inner side of the door. Every time you pass your eyes will catch the note and you will learn the new words by default – without any effort and tension. It is a funny game that gives great results – 5 new words per day means 150 words per month.

5. Listen, listen, listen…

In the beginning It is difficult to distinguish the words and therefore to understand when you are listening to a foreign speech but later on your ear gets used to the sounds and you can find the joy of recognizing the words and understanding the meanings. Listen to a radio or watch TV – both ways could help you to entertain yourself and study at the same time. Check for movies with audio or subtitles in the language you want to learn and try understand the story.

Taken from Hubpages.com