2022 – time to embrace the new dawn and the new working world…

So what’s the Big Idea for 2022? According to LinkedIn, there are in fact 20 big ideas on the horizon, almost half of which relate to how we work. Covid served up many of these transformations in 2021 but 2022 promises to reinforce their solidity, add technicolour and ramp up the volume. Big time. So put on your seatbelt, hold on tight and brace yourself for a dizzying ride. The future is upon us and it looks like this:  


  1. Our commutes will become easier (or disappear entirely). Remote and hybrid working combine to make crowded commutes at peak times a thing of the past in many cities. Add in an increased appetite to work locally, and the face of the workplace is set to evolve dramatically once again.


  1. The four-day work week will become a competitive advantage. There’s a growing number of talented, motivated people who are interested in doing a great job in less time. Farewell long hours and hello the four-day work week. Companies embracing this trend will have an easier time attracting and retaining staff.


  1. Frontline employees will enjoy new clout. 2021 brought substantial signing-on bonuses to the world’s frontline workers in fields such as retail, hospitality and customer service. The good times are set to continue in the form of higher salaries and improved working conditions as labour shortages hold their bite.


  1. There’ll be a focus on mental health. The Covid era has triggered all manner of anxiety and stress-related problems but it also brought mental health issues into the limelight. The demand for mental health services greatly outstrips supply and the world is looking beyond our overstretched clinicians to digital platforms to make a difference. Watch this space…


  1. Exit interviews will become as important as the hiring interview. Companies that truly value their people will support exiting staff with CV/ LinkedIn profile writing and good interview techniques, etc. This will keep any bad feeling and negative feedback at bay, leaving the door wide open for boomerang employees to return once the market allows.


  1. Salary talk will come out of the shadows. Fierce competition to recruit talented workers combined with a growing push to hold companies accountable for their diversity promises will force employers to finally open up about who is earning what. Golly.


  1. Employers will adopt inclusive practices to welcome neurodiverse workers. To attract and engage this talent, employers will start to engage with their communities, use tailored recruitment channels, and move towards inclusive hiring processes. HR practices, such as one-to-one mentoring and equipment adjustments, will be implemented to make sure neurodivergent people feel welcome and taken care of.


To unwrap further details about these trends and the remaining mysterious 12 ideas included in LinkedIn’s Big 20, please click here. (Please link to https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20-big-ideas-change-our-world-2022-linkedin-news-uk/?trackingId=VtPxgzAlDYLri8wFctAxXQ%3D%3D).


Whatever big ideas you decide to embrace this year, your trusted partners at ABL look forward to supporting the recruitment element involved. Happy New Year!