2012 – The Year To Invest In People?

A recent study carried out by one of the UK’s leading high street recruitment firms has found that approximately 2% of all UK firms are currently in the process of hiring staff. This is a significant increase on figures from last year when employment figures were at their lowest since the trough of the recession back in 2008/09.

This figure was however brought down by pessimism about the economy in the North East of the country as in London the overall percentage of employers currently recruiting stands at around 7%.

Whilst all commentators seem to agree that there is still along way to go before we return to the levels of prosperity, why is it that some employers are keen to start recruiting again?

One factor is of course that 2012 is looking to be an extraordinary year for Brand Britain within the Global Marketplace. The Jubilee and the Olympics later this year will no doubt have contributed to employers’ optimism, planning for increased sales during the summer period, and the PR efforts of the Prince Harry and the Royals on the Commonwealth tour look sure to drum up some further business for GB.

But these events, whilst undoubtedly temporary boosts to the UK economy are just that – temporary – whilst the bulk of current recruitment tends to be on the permanent side. Whilst this could be due in part to the new Agency Worker Regulations restricting the temp market, the truth is actually quite different and vital to the future success of our economy and the speed at which we return to the boom years.

Many employers are looking at the current period of instability as the ideal time in which to employ a Keynesian approach to recruitment, spending now through the tough times in order to ensure competitiveness when things improve. It is a fantastic time to be looking for new recruits as there is so much extraordinary talent looking to move on from their current roles that will ensure that your business in the best placed to grow later this year when the global economic situation starts to show signs of recovery.