Why Two Thirds of UK Workers Leave Their Jobs

The latest research from job search giant, totaljobs, has found that two thirds of UK workers have changed their job due to a lack of professional development opportunities, and learning options.

As we recently reported employment rates are at a record high, which means that employers are now facing a new issue: how to retain top talent. Now TotalJobs research has shown that one important way to do this is to offer training. Next to boosting employee morale, it seems the UK workforce is looking to both enhance and develop new skills – with 90% of employees demanding more training courses from their employers.

On-Going Training

It’s not just employees that are asking for more training courses. Of those that spoke to totaljobs, 80% of employers surveyed agreed that companies should do more to offer their staff professional development opportunities. On top of this, 87% of employers stated that they actively encouraged staff to attain qualifications, underscoring the need for learning and development growth on both sides of employment.

Yet with the vast majority of companies claiming they encourage further training, but employees clamouring for more, it seems there’s somewhat of a disconnect somewhere along the pipeline. Which is curious considering that 81% of employers agreed that their staff perform better after training, and that close to 90% of employers believe ‘upskilling’ their staff has a wider effect on the team’s total output.  

Career Development

On the employee side of things, the survey found that 41% of the workforce has successfully secured a new job as a direct result of further training – a revelation backed by the fact that 50% of workers are now paying for professional training out of their own pockets.

Additionally, more than two-thirds of employees believe that training is more important now than it was two years ago, a trend that is surely set to grow as the skills gap increases and the demand for more skillful employees rises.

According to further research from TotalJobs (in conjunction with Robert Walters), the UK skills gap, which is particularly evident at junior and mid-management levels, is set to broaden as Brexit goes ahead, again underlining the need to offer greater learning and development opportunities.

One way to achieve this? Well, according to 48% of candidates, employers need to be engaging more with universities in order to teach students about potential career paths and the placements available to them. This is further compounded by the latest research from WCN which found that engagement and candidate experiences have become the top priorities for recruiters this year, as companies seek out top talent.

HR Director at TotalJobs, David Clift added: “We are often told by employers of all shapes and sizes that they need skilled employees to fill difficult roles – and they are struggling to find them. This research shows, that there is a keen workforce looking to upskill and improve, so new skills and talents may well be right under their nose. It’s safe to say that training and development is a key area companies need to focus on, it’s a win-win for all.”