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Bilingual Maternity Contract Recruitment

As beautiful as parenthood is for the individuals involved, when the expectant mother needs to take her maternity leave, it can cause a lot of havoc for the company they leave behind. However, most who leave for maternity will be back again once they’ve adjusted to their new role as a parent.

That’s why it’s necessary for companies to source bilingual maternity contract recruitment. When your company is based in the multi or bilingual sector, there is an even greater need to find suitably experienced and qualified individuals to fill so that the business doesn’t suffer.

At ABL, we have extensive experience in the multilingual recruitment sector and have been involved in it since 1991 when our company was first established. In the 28 years following our formation, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading names in the language recruitment industry.

We have amassed many regular clients who come to us again and again when they need to add to their workforce.


Part of what makes us so successful is that we take the same approach to sourcing our temporary staff as we do our permanent staff, even when we are looking for bilingual maternity contract recruitment.

We have always believed in sourcing the very best individual for the right client and position, not just trying to meet ridiculous numerical targets or tick boxes. This is without a doubt why some 30% of the temporary staff we place in client’s vacant roles are taken on as permanent members of their team.

It could also be the fact that we encourage our candidates on our database to attend events with a focus on candidates, so they stay up to date with the latest developments in the sector. Whether they are new rules and regulations or additional skills they should be looking to acquire.

If you are looking for bilingual maternity contract recruitment, please contact the team here at ABL today and we will help you get the staff cover you need.

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