Moving to London

London Calling: Tips for Finding Your Feet in the Capital

So, you’re thinking of moving to London? Great choice! London is home to people from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life, making it one of the most vibrant and exciting places around. With so much to see and do, it can feel a little daunting at first. You’ll need to hit the ground running and this little guide may be just the ticket. From your job search, to the pub and back home on the Tube, ABL is on hand to make your transition even smoother.


Finding Work

With those house and rent prices not getting any cheaper, let’s start with the all important job. Luckily, the career market in London is extensive. Whilst competition is stiff, there is a wealth of opportunity across infinite industries. If your perfect job exists, you just may find it here.


Think long and hard about what you want to do and get researching. London boasts businesses in every sector imaginable, so it’s beneficial to properly research the roles that match your career goals and skill set. Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to do your homework if you’re to find your needle in the haystack.


Let the Job Search Begin

With the number of jobs available in London, it’s no surprise there’s a huge offering of job sites and recruitment services. From ABL to LinkedIn, to Reed and Gumtree, your search should begin online. Keep your online presence updated. There’s industry and skill-specific recruitment services, which in a place like London will really help you narrow everything down.


Build Your Network

Networking is one of the most important ways of finding a job, and in London, staying connected is important. According to TransferWise (, more than 50% of corporate jobs go to someone inside the company or from an employee referral. If you have the opportunity to go to London during your job search, you may want to plan your visit around some of the larger career fairs, like the London Job Show or Skills London. If that’s not possible, try to participate in some professional events, many of which can be found on sites like Eventbrite or Meetup.


Seek out industry events in the city. Facebook groups can be great networking tools. Join LinkedIn groups that are specific to your industry and engage with people working in your sector. The job market can seem an overwhelming obstacle, but once you learn to navigate it, you’re onto a winner.


Finding a job in London can be tough, but sometimes getting used to a new city can feel even tougher. To a fresh face, London can feel far from home, but with a population from across the globe, there are plenty of communities that can help you fit right in when you arrive.


There’s an App for That

Tech seems to evolve faster than the speed of sound in London and it pays to keep up. From checking the weather to finding your way around, there’s plenty of ways to streamline life on the go. Use Citymapper to map your journey across town; complete with route, time and prices. Pre-book a taxi using Hailo or Uber. Download the Met Office app for weather forecasts and Great Little Place City Guide for all the exciting things happening in the city. Payments are made through your pre-registered bank account, saving you those extra seconds. When time is of the essence, it pays to stay one step ahead.


Mind the Gap

From red buses to Uber, to a good old-fashioned walk in the park, London becomes a little less terrifying when you learn how to get around. Getting familiar with such a big city isn’t easy, so start with your commute, your local area, and try to tick off a few sights and museums too. Buses are reliable and are a great choice when navigating your new city. You may even spot a few famous landmarks. Try to avoid driving. Whilst the Tube during rush hour leaves plenty to be desired, it’s better than city centre traffic.


Keep Calm and Carry On

Whether a quick half after work, or a roast dinner on a Sunday, a trip to the pub is London’s favourite pastime for a reason. When you get the time, acquaint yourself with your local. As well as a chance to unwind, you’ll no doubt meet a friendly face or two. TimeOut London lists plenty of great tips and is an excellent resource for finding places to go, and things to do around the city.


What Do Londoners Say?

When you get tired of London, its crowds and its noise, talk a walk across Waterloo Bridge. The sight across from the water will remind you why you’re here. Visit all the free museums and galleries as soon as you can. Once you’re all settled, you’ll never get around to it. Mind the gap between your salary and your rent, and plan a trip to see the sunset from Primrose hill. Avoid Leicester Square on the weekends. (Or always.) Oh, and move down the platform.